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Jorche Oliveira
Author of stories related with financial improvement, motivation and personal development. Follow me to read more motivation and inspirational content.

Your self-image is related to what you think about yourself, what you are, and what you think others think of you.

When your self-image or self-esteem is negative, you tend to do things that promote your daily life or your overall well-being.

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You can drink a lot of alcohol, eat a lot or not pay attention to your diet, you can characterize others negatively as a way to boost your self-esteem, you can avoid doing things that make you happy and make you happy.

The image you have of yourself is often unconscious. The way you behave at any given moment depends on how much you like yourself at that moment.

Your self-image is not static, it is constantly changing throughout…

It is very normal for children to collide, just as it is normal for adults to collide.

Conflict is a way for a child to show that he or she disagrees with a condition or situation and that he or she wants something to change. As a reaction, conflict is desirable because it shows that the child has an opinion, that he has his own choices, and that he claims them. Claiming is an important skill in the life of the individual so that he strives to protect himself and his rights, as well as to gain what he considers to belong to him in life.

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When are conflicts negative?

Conflicts are considered negative when they occur in an unacceptable social…

Here is how to get onboard to the Dogecoin trip to the moon

After Elon Musk’s tweet “to the moon”, DOGE really launched and at the moment it is worth more than $0.65. Before we tell you how to buy Dogecoin, see what Dogecoin is.

Data from coindesk

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency (like the well-known Bitcoin) but its value is much lower and you use social media users for tips. It started as a joke between two developers.

DOGE has as a symbol a dog breed “Shiba Inu”, from the well-known internet meme “Doge”.

The fact that it started as a joke has made it very well known and many users who invest in cryptocurrencies have…

For the first time in economic history, the “irrelevant” and not the “experts” were the first to benefit from cryptocurrencies.

Their critics, the possibility of proving a bubble, and how some investment legends have changed their attitude.

Cryptocurrencies have so far proved to be a class of assets, pointing to a black hole. It sucks more and more investment funds. No commodity or stock index attracts interest at the pace at which cryptos do. Those who have benefited from this development are those who realized in time Bitcoin and the ecosystem that has formed around it, as a subversive technology. For the first time in economic history, the “irrelevant” were the first to benefit, not the “experts”. The winners were not the strong, but the insightful.

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Winners in the short term are those who bravely saw it…

Retirement early is easier than you might think

By retirement, you may be thinking of the age of 60+ but in recent years more and more people are trying to break this barrier as early as possible with many even setting a target of 35–40! Early retirement is a hidden goal for everyone. But it is unrealistic to retire someone two or three decades earlier?

There are certainly some sacrifices required if you want to achieve early retirement, but in reality, it is not as complicated and difficult as it sounds. Below we will see some habits that can bring us one step closer.

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Determine early retirement

Retiring early does not…

I live quite far from my office but that does not stop me from putting on my headphones and walking there, in normal conditions. Although the journey does not take me more than 20 minutes, the way I walk and this walk determines my day. In fact, when I do not do my usual walk, I feel that I am missing something.

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According to Eugene Quinn, an expert from Vienna, what I do every day is essentially a “voluntary walk”. In his recent talk on TEDTalk, “Want Creativity? Then WALK On the Wild Side, ”he explained how to use walking…

Investors take a huge risk. The upward trend in the field of cryptocurrencies and the… hangover.

Where you think your cryptocurrency portfolio choices work, you see Dogecoin, which you underestimated, being 80 times higher than the beginning of the year! To have launched in 5th place in terms of capitalization. Welcome to the wonderful world of crypto!

The reason was again a tweet from Elon Musk, who the day before yesterday published another sketch, saying that the now-famous dog-emblem of Dogecoin, is barking at the moon. Musk obviously has fun with tweets and how easily he can manipulate his price. …

It took me 8 years to figure out the followings tips

If you have just completed your undergraduate or postgraduate studies and do not have substantial work experience, entering the job market may seem extremely difficult. And indeed, due to the difficult economic conditions but also the intense competition, you will have to make a double effort to succeed. Here are some tips to help you stand out and make a strong start to your career.

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1. Create an attractive resume

A graphically beautiful and well-structured resume can help you stand out. To achieve this you do not have to spend money on a graphic designer to prepare it for you since it is now easy…

What is wrong with the author of “Black Swan”, who described cryptocurrency as a “Ponzi scheme”.

What does the comparison with … olive oil show? The signals sent by the latest uptrend of Bitcoin.
Black Swan author Nassim Taleb described Bitcoin to CNBC as a “Ponzi”, saying “Everyone knows this is an open Ponzi”.

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

The well-known author believes that it is too volatile to be considered a reliable currency and is not a safe hedge against inflation. To be precise, he stated that there is no connection between inflation and Bitcoin. “There is absolutely nothing to do with financial figures that connects it. If there is hyperinflation, it will end up being worthless. If you are…

Because you do not dare change, you turn your fears into excuses.

Sometimes you endure things that make you unhappy, such as a job that does not fill you or a relationship that hurts you because you are afraid of a change. And because you do not dare change, you turn your fears into excuses.

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But when you decide to do whatever it takes to deal with your fears and improve your life, when you realize that you deserve to be happy, the excuses disappear. Here are the most common excuses most people make:

Excuse 1: It’s too late to change careers

Hundreds of people over the age of 40 fear that…

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